Saturday, 1 December 2012

Romeo and Juliet

Hi Miss Kelly my homework from last week and this week is in my English book.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Book Summary

At the moment i am reading the book Runaway by Meg Cabot the authour of the Princess Diaries Books.Runaway is the third and final book of the Air Head series.the main character is Emerson Watts is pretty much your average teen girl. She goes to an alternative high school in New York City where she gets somewhat decent grades and is popular among her peers. In the love department Em is nursing a major crush and/or possible relationship and like many teenage relationships go she is often not sure which is the case.

Except there is one thing, that makes her quite exceptional, she happens to have had her brain transplanted into the most popular supermodel in the world Nikki Howard. Em now finds herself drop dead gorgeous and stalked by one of the top corporations on the planet to which she seems to be permanently connected..

In Runaway the third book in the popular Airhead series, Stark Enterprises has become even more evil than anyone once believed possible.  Not content with ruling the world through commercial means, Stark enterprises has more extreme plans that go beyond the stalking of Em and trying to murder Nikki for her attempted blackmail.  Now they seem to be targeting anyone who buys their new product line of cheap laptops.

While trying to keep the real Nikki happy and her family in hiding, Em is trying to find a way to stop Stark Enterprises while still keeping those she loves safe from the company’s founder the  Robert Stark.
Also there is her pretend relationship with Robert’s repulsive son Brandon to keep up for appearance sake. Meanwhile the real love is none other than her darkly handsome once best friend Christopher.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

hi miss kelly i have been trying to use the screenr video maker aswell as the other sites but it keeps saying its blocked and i need to contact my network surver. i do have my set of instructions listed in my english book

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Why Lacrosse Should be in the olympics:

Field lacrosse was contested as a full medal sport at the 1904 and ‘08 Olympics and was a demonstration sport in 1928, ‘32 and ‘48. Since then, lacrosse has continued to expand. The game requires speed and great skill and some say it is better than hockey. Lacrosse was played in the Olympics and then dropped.

Major reason Lacrosse isn't in the Olympics has to do with the fact the International Lacrosse has only 14 members and no presence at all in South America and Africa. The IOC requires that for a sport to be considered for the Olympics it must have 75 countries over 4 continents as members.

Lacrosse still has a long way to go to being an Olympic sport and being even recognized as an Olympic Sport. In other words it has very little recognition, as only Canada and the USA really play the sport at a high enough level.
Therefore I think that lacrosse should be entered into the future Olympics. 

Monday, 30 July 2012

Olympic Moment.

The greatest moment in Olympic history was when Bobby Pearce the sculler, stopped for ducks because with an effort that would have been considered impossible from any of his competitors, and even today is hard to believe Pearce chased Savrin after stopping for the duck and its ducklings, caught up with the Frenchmen and then by the time the race was over Pearce had finished almost 30 seconds in front of his challenger. In fact Bobby Pearce's time even with the stop included was the fastest of the remaining eight scullers in that round.  Pearce himself gave only one recorded version of the incident that occurred in his scull against Savrin."I had beaten a German and a Dane in earlier heats and I was racing a Frenchman when I heard wild roars from the crowd along the bank of the canal. I could see some spectators vigorously pointing to something behind me, in my path. I peeked over one shoulder and saw something I didn't like, for a family of ducks in single file was swimming slowly from shore to shore. It's funny now, but it wasn't at the time for I had to lean on my oars and wait for a clear course, and all the while my opponenet was pulling away to a five length lead." 
Not even swimming ducks could halt Bobby Pearce.